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We recommend that all users download iTunes 8.  While the lectures will work with older versions, some of the improvements to version 8 will make viewing lectures easier.

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You can use iTunes to get lectures, seminars, and information about the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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  1. Open iTunes on your PC; go to iTunes U; go to NJIT.
  2. Or ... NJIT students, faculty and staff with a UCID can log in below to see restricted materials for their courses.

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Featured Podcasts:
Greg Mass, director of Career Development Services (CDS) talks about the US economy and the current job market.
Carol Johnson speaks about the role of Technical Communications in NJIT's curriculum and its importance in today's workplace
Professor Mark Somers talks about the new online MS in Management of Technology
Why Study Chemical Engineering? A Q&A with Reg Tomkins
Walter Konon talks about Civil and Environmental Engineering at NJIT
Senior Valerie Rafalko was named NCE's Outstanding Female Engineering Student for 2007.