What is NJIT on iTunes U?
With NJIT on iTunes U, you can use iTunes to get course materials, lectures, seminars and all kinds of valuable information related to your studies and about the university.

When you log in to NJIT on iTunes U with your UCID and password, you will see in all public material and any courses that you are currently registered for that have materials available.

How do you get started?
First off, do  you have the free iTunes software on your computer? If not, it's a free download. After you log in, iTunes will open and automatically bring you to the NJIT welcome page.

Why should I subscribe to a course or series?
You may ask, "Why subscribe? Can't I just click on a link and play it on my computer?" You can do that, however, the beauty of podcasting is that when you subscribe to a podcast using iTunes, it will automatically download any new files being offered for that course when they become available. It's like subscribing to a magazine, rather than going out to a store and looking for the new issue each time it comes out. It's easier if you subscribe to stay up to date. And it's easy to unsubscribe at any time.

Why aren't my courses in NJIT on iTunes U?
Although NJIT on iTunes U only launched in January 2007, we have been podcasting courses, seminars and programs about the university for the past year. Eighteen faculty were podcasting their audio and video for the fall 2006 semester. Almost all of those courses are being moved to iTunes U and new ones are being added every week.

We hope that students will let their instructors know that they find getting materials like lectures as podcasts beneficial to their classroom experience, and motivate them to put their materials online too.

Don't I need an iPod or mp3 player to use this service?
Definitely not! One of the biggest misconceptions about podcasting is that it requires an iPod or special hardware. You can download and play all podcasts on your computer whether it is a PC or Macintosh as long as you have iTunes installed.

If you want to move those files to an iPod or other mobile device and take your learning with you, that's an option. Audio files are in the mp3 format and play on many devices. Video files are MPEG-4 or .mov.  iTunes also supports the .m4a file format which is often called an "enhanced podcast." These are audio files with synchronized graphics. At NJIT, many faculty will use this format to create slide presentations with narration.

What do I have to do after I subscribe?
iTunes will check daily (that's the default setting - you can have it check every hour, every week or manually  in your iTunes podcast settings) for the latest materials for all your subscriptions.  If a new file is available, it will download this automatically.  You can also click the "Refresh" button to check for the latest files if you think something new should be available for that course.

Is there any cost to use NJIT on iTunes U?
No. Although our files are located in an area of iTunes known as the "iTunes Store", all NJIT materials are free to use. If you decide to purchase music or video through the iTunes store, you are entering into an agreement with Apple, Inc.